Welcome to Allstar Software's new improved version of our popular app, Facebook Qt.

 Facebook Qt is a one-stop application for all your mobile Facebook needs, it includes a fast, smooth and stylish UI, Volume key scrolling, Auto Reload, Night Cover, Hide View Fast Load time, Dark and Light Themes and much more.

Changelog for v1.90:
 - About Page fixed in Landscape view
 - Ability to hide the Application from the System Task manager (and running circle in the menu)
 - Scroll Buttons now scroll smoothly
 - Quick Shortcuts Menu for Mobile Basic with 11 handy shortcuts
 - Night cover MenuItem split into two buttons with Night Cover toggle on the Left and Intensity Toggle in the Right (Toggle auto activates Night Cover when you open it)
 - Second Browsing Window for Mobile Basic (non Fullscreen)
 - Warning given about Downloading not being supported
 -Ability to change the size of the font, a nice range given too
 - Facebook Qt Recovery utility added (pending Nokia store approval), this will recover Facebook Qt if it freezes and will not respond, simply minimize Facebook Qt, open the utility and press "Recover"
 - I would like the thank everyone who has bought Facebook Qt formally Facebook Touch Qt and I sincerely hope it has served you well.






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