Star Browser is a colorful yet powerful Qt Quick browser, it comes with Unlimited
 Bookmarks, Customizable Homepage, Share Area, Browsing History, great user Settings, Special Search Box with 5 engine options (International Google's
 available) , 100% Fullscreen mode, Screen shot ability, Night Cover, much much more but last and by certainly no
 means least the UI can by customised in a range of colours. Bring the colours out in you with Star Browser.

 Change log for Allstar Software's Star Browser v1.50

 -All new Quick Access Menu system which makes it quick and easy to access vital features.
 -New Single Floating Button to access the Quick Access Menu, which shows the
 current time as an extra goodie.
 -Ability to take a Screen Shot of the Page you are browsing.
 -New Bookmarks Area with Unlimited Bookmarks, ability to edit, delete, share, open in default browser, set as homepage, copy to system Clipboard and delete all in one go.
 -Browsing history added with ability to turn on and off from Settings, delete all or individual items, open in default browser, copy to system Clipboard.
 -Share Improved, no more copy button, Facebook and Twitter auto input the URL and Title.
 -Night Cover Intensity Popup widened to allow easier sliding.
 -Second Window enabled for all devices (USE AT OWN RISK)
 -Ability to browse the phones file system and to open a local file in the browser, PNG, JPG, HTM, HTML, PHP, TXT, SVG
 are known to be supported
 -Topbar made larger with alarger URL input
 -Go button removed, use the enter key on you're keyboard to start loading
 -URL input makes itself longer while you enter the URL
 -Startup time improved a bit
 -Little fix on the Homepage Dialog under Settings
 -Button, Toolbar Colours All update on the go
 -Cookies saving fixed
 -URL Input loosing URL fixed
 -Improved Page rendering (Beta)
 -File upload Chooser fixed



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